IR Thermography

A very impressive technology that is non-destructive, non contact ,fast & does not affect the product ion process. IR Thermography is a type of infrared imaging science that using to identify variations in temperature and heat sources in da or night .the infrared camera allows us to see what our eyes cannot.

tis-f-27a-600x402 fluke_thermal_imager

We are using this unique technology for:

  1. Detecting loss or corroded electrical connection.
  2. Detecting Electrical unbalance and   overload
  3. Inspecting Electric Motor
  4. Inspecting industrial gearboxes &Coupling
  5. Inspecting Bearing and moving component
  6. Location Levels in Tanks, Vessels & Silos
  7. Monitoring Transformers
  8. Inspecting process industry to find leakages, blockages
  9. Inspecting insulation efficiency etc

infrared_ir_thermography_in infrared_ir_thermography_in