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ELECTROTECH BD– the largest Online Electric and Electronics Kit and parts market. In our website you can order Electronics exesories for home delivary. We have Gadgeted item where you get important item which is essential    in your daily life and it can changes your life style like Electric charging fan, USB Light & Fan, TV Remote ,Computer Exesories ,Mobile exesories like USB cable ,charger, OTG cable ,Battery and Other internal mobile exesories .

We also provide repairing service in any kind of Electric & Electronics exesories.

We have three engineers to give consultancy about your house hold Electric and Electronics exesories problem and give consultancy student’s project thesis and it’s totally free.

We also give Industrial Thermal service, Earth test, Insulation test, Set Up lightning arrester and provide industrial exesories.

For More Details Contact Us: engrsiratmahmood@gmail.com


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